Loadout Esports & Gaming is the world deepest study on gaming and esports behaviours, attitudes and habits. It’s fielded in over 15 markets and is produced in collaboration with GWI, showing how gamers fit into wider consumer behaviours and brand categories.

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Syndicated Research

We buy into several syndicated research packages, to broaden our knowledge of both gaming and the wider market. Our proprietary research has been designed to complement this external syndicated data, meaning that the combination provides a vast amount of insight.


To make sure a campaign informed by our data is meeting its objectives perfectly, we work with leading passive research companies who allow us to gauge success and learn for the future.

Proprietary Research

We produce our own study of Esports & Gaming behaviours. The survey is packed full of questions showing how & why gamers play, as well cross category data to help you understand how they fit into the wider market.

Custom Research

If our existing data sources haven’t answered all of your questions, we’ve experienced at producing targeted custom research that helps you get the final total picture of the consumers most important to you.